Independent Software Developer April 1999 – Present
Grasshopper LLC
Develop software products and services on a contract basis.
Geographical Database Editor
Develop and maintain entire digital workflow for TV stations in Miami, FL; Stuart, FL; Naples, FL; and Boston, MA.
Format agnostic HD-SDI transmitter video player contributed to open-source project ffmpeg
Satellite, over-the-air, and digital stream ingestion and automatic ad insertion
Full-stack content scheduling and playing system
Emergency Alert System and Common Alerting Protocol receive and dissemination system
FCC & Homeland Security systems regulatory interface for sign off for broadcast approval
Custom high-speed and secure FTP server app
Automatic program guide and closed caption generation
Maintain PageStream desktop publishing program for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Amiga.

Senior Software Engineer February 2018 – February 2020
Blumark USA
Architect, develop and maintain the Razercut client app, back-end iMDS services, and media sources.
iOS and Android web browser browser and video player application
Retransmission and originating multi-bitrate video stream encoding software
Full-stack accounting and viewership system
Custom distributed, multithreaded video delivery system serving 200Gbps per server
Video delivery restricted by geofencing and ad insertion
Increased corporate valuation through 2 patent applications
Defined, documented and implemented technology roadmap supporting corporate business plan
Managed user testing and customer support to develop and maintain high level of video quality
Oversaw team responsible for receiver and server equipment installation and maintenance
Drove content distribution costs down to less than 3% of comparable AWS
Specify, install, and manage company e-mail, website, and all other company IT requirements

Owner June 1988 – April 1999
SoftLogik Publishing Corp
Owned and managed what was then one of the largest software houses for the Amiga and Atari platforms. We developed, marketed, sold, and supported the award-winning PageStream desktop publishing program for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Amiga. Principle developer for PageStream. Directed and assisted in the development of a bitmap editor, text editor, and vector drawing application for Amiga.
Write once, run everywhere C/C++ based applications, filters, and extensions.
Early Unicode adopter
Architect of a single document format that after years of upgrades remains backwards compatible
Designed and implemented a locale and platform adapting interface. One resource file compatible with all platforms and languages, and individual text and icon localizations resource files.
Wrote a full featured text, path, and image rendering pipeline with output to screen, vector and image files, PostScript, and PDF.
Managed team of 13 talented software developers, technical support and marketing.
Set minimum viable product road maps and coordinated releases.